Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A typical Sunday afternoon

I and my daughter came to visit a friend and her children. We would spend Sundays together since we lived so far away and two of our children wanted to attend church together. She was upset because there was not enough money for their mortgage and she was wondering where they were going to come up with the balance. Her husband came through the door with bags of groceries and wanted to make an asian dinner. The look on her face was so sad as now she had less money to put towards the mortgage. It was probably going to be late, again.

The husband was telling everyone what he wanted them to do to make this meal that he was excited about. My daughter and I were helping with the cream cheese and crab, wrapping them in the wontons ready for the fryer. This friend of mine that I came to visit was trying to help the husband. She reached for something on the stove as the back of the hot spatula came down on the back of her hand. Her husband yelled at her, "Did I tell you to touch that?!" The oil splattered on her cheek and she took her other hand to wipe away the hot oil from her face. Not a word came from her lips as he snapped at her and asked her, "Do you think I am stupid?"

I watched my friend walk away from this man that was suppose to be her soul mate. How can a man be so awful to a woman who he has promised to love and cherish? She looked at me and saw the anger in my eyes. She smiled and said that it was ok. This man is evil.

This woman was so beaten down by the verbal abuse for the years before this Sunday afternoon. What can I do for her? What would you do for her?

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