Thursday, July 6, 2017

Family Rules

It is very exhausting to keep all these rules in mind, but it does make for a somewhat peaceful life. Or does it?
  • Never publicly embarrass him or do silly things that most kids do like pee on the lawn of the church or drink out of the gutter after a heavy rain.
  • Do not point out anything they do, say, are, that might be anything other than perfect. He has the experience that we do not have and does not be questioned. When we are more experienced, then we will understand.
  • Never compare them to someone else in an unflattering light. He is nothing like anyone else and it is best not to confuse the two or compare.
  • Do not talk to them about your negative feelings in response to anything they have said or done. Your feelings need to be educated and you need to accept the lesson he has give us.
  • Avoid getting angry or upset with them for anything. He was put in our life to make us better human beings.
  • Do not outshine them in some way. You can pursue your dreams but do not surpass. If you surpass him, then you will have to be bested in another way.
  • Listen to anything they say. Everything has meaning. If it wasn't important, then he would not have said it.
  • Mirror everything they say. You need to emulate him in all actions because that is the best and most efficient way to be.
  • Act as if everything he says and does is brilliant and you appreciate and admire him at all times because he is the authority.
  • Never criticize the leader of the family. We are under his umbrella of authority and to criticize him would be to take the risk of no longer being under his protection.
  • What happens in this house in private stays in this house and stays private. Do not ever discuss anything whatsoever to anyone about anything.

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