Saturday, May 14, 2016

What's Religion have to do with it?

I have many people ask me why I stayed so long. This is such a complicated answer that I will try to explain here. When we married, I felt that it was forever. I took the promise for better or worse to heart and I had planned to stay with him forever. In the beginning things were fine, but as time passed, his more dominating personality became prominent and my fix it personality ruled me. I wanted to fix him to be the husband I wanted and to be the man I felt he needed to be.

This relationship we had was complicated by the religious aspect of our church. I am not saying going to church is wrong. I do believe in God. The church we attended had a male dominated view of its members. The saints of the church were to follow the pastor without question. Families were expected to follow the father or 'man of the house', also without question. 

I will go into this more later.

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