Thursday, May 26, 2016

Not a Failure

She recently received many text messages from her soon to be ex-husband. He was missing her and was acting so kind. She was thinking of how much that she missed the 'charming' him. They had been married 32 years. That is a long time. It is a lifetime of habits.

It was during this time when she found out that his tech coach girlfriend had texted a couple of of their adult children and asked them to break into his house. They had suggested that she have a welfare check done by the police. But it is their father and she was going to stand behind their decision to go break into the house and check on their dad.

Well one of the boys went in and found his dad with empties all over. He was passed out and when the son tried to check on him, he became violent with him and told him to get out. Which is what happened when he still lived with at home. He would become violent and yell at everyone for trying to help.

At any rate, this tech coach girlfriend got him to the hospital.

Her old habit would be to run to the hospital to see what she could do for him, but she didn't do that. Her kids kept her strong. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he became vicious again and she saw the shell of the man that she once loved for the person that he truly is.

She realized that she is not a failure just because she walked away from their marriage. She really did want the marriage to work and she worked hard at it. Their marriage probably would not have lasted this long had she known the man in the beginning.

Her pastor at the time of their wedding had told her that it was in his opinion that marrying this man would be difficult. She wasn't afraid of difficult but this man was impossible.

She is not a failure because she allowed him to manipulate her feelings. She is only human. She held strong to her resolve to wash her hands clean of the toxicity of that relationship. If she could do this, then so could you. Be the exception to the rule. You are not a failure.

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